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Wednesday, December 23rd

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

Today.  This time between the Solstice and the Full Moon is potent.  Old patterns, things left undone, that which we avoid, and so on and so on.  Its affecting Health, Mind, Soul… everything. Its affecting individuals and groups. Humans, animals and plants.

Amidst the almost fatiguing bombardment of this, is the light of the holidays, the slowly returning daylight and the light of the approaching Moon.  Without this counterbalance, we might be pushed too far.  But how beautiful that the whole Universe conspires to keep us supported.  To make it even possible for us to go through these big transitions.  All we need is to see, feel, hear, taste, touch and remember this light.  It will guide you today, tomorrow, and always.

Remembering this light is not ignoring what is happening around you, to you, within you.  It is seeing it more clearly.  Some days, that light is a giant flood light illuminating the whole room, others it is a single beam flashlight focusing on one thing in particular and some days it might even be a Light Saber slashing through the illusions that haunt you.

Which light do you need today to move you with grace and ease through the rest of this week, this year?  Close your eyes and imagine this light.  It is yours.  take it.  use it.

Word of the day:  Lightness

Pose of the day:  Eagle  (take flight with this pose!)

Song of the day:  The Inner Light by the Beatles.  (I love everything about this song including that it was the B side to Lady Madonna!)

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