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Friday, Aug 5, 2016

Energy Musings. Here. Now.

This Weekend!  

Right Speech.  Consider your words, written and spoken, with powerful awareness. Many traditions, paths and beliefs hold the importance of clear non-harmful language as essential to living a harmonious and evolved life.   Samma Vaca, right speech, is one of the main Buddhist tenets for living the 8 fold path.

In determining “right speech” ask yourself is it:  Truthful, Affectionate, Timely, Beneficial & Well-Intentioned.

All 5 of these attributes must be met in order for words to qualify as “right speech”.  Consider this carefully.  The fact that all 5 must be present for clear communication is essential.  Each element works to help create wholeness.  Of course this requires ones ability to discern clearly for themselves if these attributes are met.  This is not always easy!!!  We could fool ourselves into thinking we are saying something from a place that is beneficial, when really we only want to convince another of our belief.  Maybe we have a long history of not being heard? We might unconsciously speak louder, angrier, in order to get our point across, thinking that this is helpful.

In times of stress, worry, fear, anxiety;  when it feels like there is a lot at stake;  when we feel ‘backed into a corner’;  when the whispers of desperation start to influence us;  when there is anger and resentment;  when anything pushes on us in a way that initiates our triggers….. we need Samma Vaca more than ever. It is in these times that it is most difficult to embody and yet, it is in these moments when it has the most to offer.

This weekend, explore Samma Vaca as much as you are able, and notice how it can transform your relationships and the world around you.

Word of the Weekend:  Samma Vaca

Song of the Weekend:  No More Words by Berlin

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