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Friday, October 14, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.


This weekend, reflect on this past week.  Messages from the animal world have been present.  One at a time, they have stepped forward to inform, guide and help.  As you put the pieces together from their collective voices, what picture does it paint?  Pay Attention.

For me, the Owl, the Fox, the Raccoon have featured prominently in my periphery.  The owl has been bringing pre dawn calls consistently.  Right before the sun rises in the still darkness. Right outside my bedroom window.  Bringing my awareness to that transition time from sleep to wake, from dark to light.  The in-Between.

The Fox, has left scat everywhere.  Particularly, It lines the entire route I walk my dog every day.  This brings my attention to the paths I walk, to the new paths I may be making, to old outdated paths.  It also brings my attention to the indigestible:  what needs to be discarded after it is processed.

The Raccoon, has shown up in alarming numbers, as roadkill on my driving route.  Mostly these have been on the side of the road.  But yesterday, as though I wasn’t getting the message (or maybe its urgency has increased),  a very dramatically splatted Raccoon smack in the center of the road (on the yellow line even) of the way I drive every day (alongside the river).  And then, another.  And, another.

Its like this with animal medicine, they tend to get louder and more persistent if you don’t get the message.  The Raccoon reminded me of pathways, roadways, rivers.  Of the dangers that are present as others are not paying attention.  Of the need for tremendous protection.  Of the sacrifices made through history and time by others so that we may be here, present, safe, now.  She also reminded me of the center line, the place I live and work, and the need to have 360 degree awareness at all times while in this place.

In my personal work, I then put these pieces together in understanding and vision.  I listen, I weave, I listen again, I integrate.  Its important not to just see the individual pieces, but to see the collective wisdom as well.  Otherwise, you risk being “blindsided”.

I bow in deep gratitude to all this from my animal friends and then I breathe it in.  My greatest gift of appreciation is to listen to them.  And to understand the call for action they are asking of me.  The interpretation is personal.  No book will tell you what it means.  No teacher or friend can give you the answer. You must find that still place in side and be willing to look and listen without fear, judgement or expectation. Its for YOU to hear. This is why we spend so much time and focus on understanding and clearing the space TO that place beyond judgement and hooks and triggers. Precisely so that when information comes in, it has a clean place to land, and you/me/we have a clear channel to listen through. This is called discernment, and it is of the utmost importance right now.

Allow your discernment to give you access to the messages from the animals. They have wisdom, knowledge and direction to share.

Word of the day:  Discernment

Song of the day:  Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley

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