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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Thoughts-Words-Actions.  They create a powerful spiral, continuously flowing into the world.  As we remain connected to this flow, we can bring more clarity into our thoughts, words and actions.  They are intimately intertwined in this spiral.  Without Thoughts, our words and actions are unsteady, unstable and potential dangerous.  Thoughts that are clear, are steeped in Prayer.  By prayer, I mean a quality of reverence and the capacity to open to whats greater than “you”; the willingness to listen to the whispers of the Divine.

Clear thoughts lead to clear words and clear actions.  Actions lead us back to thoughts or prayers, so that the spiral is continuous.  There is no real beginning or end.

Today, be mindful of your thoughts, be mindful of your words, be mindful of your actions, be mindful of how they flow from one to the other and be mindful of the ripple you create around you as a result.

Word of the day:  Ripple

Song:  Ripple by the Grateful Dead

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