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Monday, October 24th, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.

Today! Wow!

I know this much is True:  That in the darkness we must seek the light. That in the Light we must be aware of the darkness.  That to truly balance what we call “power”, we must find the unity in the duality. And the Duality is real, it is what this world is made of, it is our present situation.

To get beyond the duality however, we must be willing to embrace it first. To heal it. To heal it from the inside out and the outside in.  To find the perfectly beautiful balanced nature of Duality itself.  And Duality IS beautiful.

Without this deep recognition and understanding, the next level of awareness and life that we all long for is not possible, will not be sustainable.  First we build the ground. The ground is the merging of the Yin/Yang, the Masculine/Feminine, the shadow/light, the Shakti/Shiva… and so on and so on.  Acceptance here is key.

For the visionaries and activists out there, it may feel like taking a step (or leap) backwards. But its not, its not.   Come into present moment awareness and let go, let GO, of all your hooks, fears, entitlements, frustrations, angers, righteousness, longings, yearnings, all of that forward future focussed attention and intention.  Let it go for this moment only (not forever!).  Its not what you think it is. Be willing to accept that truth.

For those unifiers out there, the ‘whole picture’ perspective you carry is of utmost importance in this present moment.  It is YOUR time to speak, to teach, to clarify, to listen and listen more, to bring this understanding to greater and greater depths.  To look at, unflinchingly, the divisions we are creating in this dualistic world and to be honest, so so honest.  And kind. And gentle. And loving.  And hopeful.  And inclusive.  And understanding. To bring balance to the dualism, to bring love into the dualism, to bring us together, finally, together.

For ALL of us:  find your clear clear waters, show others what the world looks like NOW but with the added benefit of expanded perspective: The long range view. 7 Generations out.  Merge them.  The here and now with the outcome of the future you want.  All While being acutely aware of what is needed here, now.   And be willing, ready and able to let go when called to.

Clear, and clear some more. Until your discernment is clear.  Until your lense sparkles.  Until you witness, with utter astonishment, the dazzling radiance of the true nature of Duality.  Only to kiss it ‘goodbye’ as we prepare to launch into our new way of being.

There is work to be done.

Listen to the sound of your soul.

Word of the Day: Unify/Unity

Song of the Day: “True” by Spandau Ballet  

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